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MONREX Ltd. conducts research, development and implementation. The company manufactures and sells the advanced technical solutions in the field of mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics for military and civilian purposes.
Operating since 2008, MONREX is constantly expanding the range of its offer and is working on innovation of its products to meet the changing needs of the market and the growing expectations of customers. In addition to its core activities including the production of specialized containers and vehicle bodies, modular container equipment, filtering and ventilation devices, air conditioning devices and power generators, in 2014 MONREX launched a series of research and development activities in the field of renewable energy whose  first results are expected to be seen as early as 2015.

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  • Krubki-Górki 32
    05-326 Poświętne, Poland
  • +48 22 760 83 55
  • +48 22 760 85 43
  • info[at]monrex.com