Research, developement and
​implementation in the field of:

  • specialized containers intended to be used as: command and communication centers, command and leisure posts, storages, power stations, repair workshops, medical points and others
  • specialized and modular basic equipment of the containers
  • new or modernized systems for combat vehicles
  • vehicle and portable filtering and ventilation devices
  • vehicle and portable air-conditioning devices
  • on-board and portable power generators
  • control systems
  • technical diagnostics of vehicles and other machines: tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, trucks,
    tractors, mining and construction machines

Analytical and conceptual
studies in the field of:

  • systems of containerization and palletization of military transport
  • comprehensive modernization and repair of combat vehicles
  • automated control systems and diagnostics of combat vehicles
  • alert systems and threat neutralization on modern battlefield

Customized services in the field of electronics,
hydraulics and mechanics

Service and modernization
of specialized vehicles

Regarding combat vehicles including T-55 and T-72 tanks
and  infantry fighting vehicles we can offer:
  • current and maintenance repairs of the components